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This is a collection of 70 cycling tracks that will be published in TINGLADO ROUTES. From Sant Feliu de Guíxols, we propose you different cycling routes to discover natural places in l’Ardenya and les Gavarres Mountains in half a day, according to your physical condition.
Sant Feliu is an exceptional place for cycling, and especially mountain biking. The town is located on the coast, on one side of Vall d’Aro valley and is protected by Ardenya, the closest mountains.
This mountain range runs parallel to the coast, reaching the Cadiretes hill, and further northwest, from Caulés Mountains to Vidreres. Ardenya-Cadiretes offers us plenty to discover step by step: hills (Montclar, Cadiretes, Puig de les Cols...), caves, rocky places, dolmens, chapels, sources, country houses...
We can enjoy breathtaking views of the sea and the mountains and a large net of ideal tracks and paths for mountain biking.
When Ardenya Mountains gets to the sea, a steep coast with lovely spots is made up. We can ride the bike to these coves (Vall presona, Canyet, Cala Bona...).
Ridaura valley, which is also located in this mountain range, has lovely routes that run along old mills, weirs and stone ovens.
The green thick mountains that are extended from Girona to the sea are the Gavarres, where there are many routes. Romanyà de la Selva, Puig d’Arques, els Metges, Sant Cebrià dels alls, Santa Coloma de Fitor, Sant Cristòfol del Bosc, el Montegre... are some of the wonderful places to explore that you’ll find in this guide.
We have to mention the great amount of beaches and coves in the Gavarres coastline: el Crit, Cala Estreta, Castell, El Paller… We can discover them on the bike as there is a greenway Palamós- Palafrugell that crosses Pla d’Aubi.
We have also Panedes and Sant Llorenç plains in Llagostera and Verneda and Matamala plains in Cassà and the Hermitages route in Caldes (Sant Andreu de Salou, Franciac, Sant Sebastià, Sant Maurici…). These places have wonderful routes with slight slope, appropriate for people who want to begin cycle touring.
And all this beautiful landscape is based on the greenway that goes from Girona to Sant Feliu. This emblematic greenway links the Pyrenees (Ripollès) with the Mediterranean Sea.  It begins and it ends at the Tinglado in Sant Feliu’s harbour. It is one of the largest greenways in Europe.
We hope that the Tinglado opening at the harbour (a welcome and provisioning point and a greenway interpretation centre) will represent an important fact to turn the greenway from Girona into one of the most charming routes of the region.  
And also confirms what we have said at the beginning: Sant Feliu de Guíxols is surrounded by the mountains and the sea, a beautiful location for cycling.
Most of these routes have been published in the local newspaper Àncora. We really appreciate the support and the collaboration of this newspaper.
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